Under the leadership of the Management Council and corporation of management Team which experience in their field, Multi Buana Group has a strong foundation to support rapid growth business now. So we need a new subsidiary that will participate and assist development of business and industry on the product in today's times.

Multi Buana Group took a major step by establishing a new subsidiary, PT. Buana Artha Indopratama. Under the Multi Buana Group Management to run the business, PT. Buana Artha Indopratama dividing into 4 divisions, namely:

1. Laboratory Division

2. Education Division

3. Machinery Division

4. Packaging Division

Then developed into 8 divisions:

1. Marine Division
5. Energy Division
2. Infrastructure Division
6. Education & Multimedia Division
3. Machinery Division
7. Mechanical & Engineering Division
4. Agribusiness Division
8. Laboratory & Medical Division

Our goal is to provide satisfaction to the clients through the efforts and hard work of the entire Multi Buana Group staffs and management. Multi Buana Group helped contribute to the dynamics of the industry by providing products and services that are useful and valuable, and by making the best partner for customers.