Product is something to offer to the market for becoming looked at, used, owned, or consumed in order to satisfy  a desire or need. Any company must be able to adopt products that suit to market’s needs as well as doing  the management on those products going to sell by it in order to give the maximum result to the company.

PT. Buana Artha Indopratama is a sub-holding of Multi Buana group which runs and coordinates the management function of product matters of all unit business in developing innovated products with effective technology needed by consumers and its business partners. In running the management function of its product matters, PT. Buana Artha Indopratama obtains trust and support from principal with world’s leading brands and products, including designing products with own brands.

To provide all consumers and its business partners  with satisfaction, PT. Buana Artha Indopratama is committed  to keep providing the best after sales service for all products sold by its unit businesses.